Weasels Love To Party!!! We're Not Here For A Long Time... We're Here For A Good Time!

More Weasel NOMAD Fun....
"Rabbit's the Fuk outta Roseburg Party!"
The Monkey Arrives!
The Monkey Hitches A Ride To The Party
Monkey Pays Tribute To Jawz
The Monkey Parties Like A Weasel.... 'till  He Passes Out & Heads To Kalispell Montana For Weasel Halloween Party!
It's A Party, Weasel Style!
The Weasels...

St. Louis, MO. - FYF Dave
Sacramento, CA. - Junior, Fast Dean, Casper 
Nashville, TN. - Lizard
Salem, OR.  - Wrench, Crow, Kitty, Bing
BFC, CA. CrAzY mIkE, Fingers
Nomad Traveler - Monkey
Where Next, ??? - Rabbit & Mrs. Rabbit
Thanks to all the fuk's that came to party!
Special thanks to Lizard for stopping by...
Extra Special thanks to FYF Dave who flew in from St. Louis just to party for 20 hours and fly back.... stupid fuk'n weasel!

Original "Weasel USA" Patch Retirement
As you know, weasels will use any excuse to have a party.... in keeping with that tradition, I will officially be retiring my original" Weasels USA" patch today. Special thanks to NY Mike and the shingletown gaggle. Although my liver and bike were being worn out all over the NW, they felt the need (i bought lots of beer) to watch me do it in orange (i bought the patch).

Although a piece of orange cloth and some stitching, my patch has been picked on and scrutinized by many... but I defended it, weasel'd my way out of or ? but it was on my back everywhere i rode. It has been in California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tenessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Iowa, Sturgis, Testy Fest, Booze Cruise, Portland Bash and too many other events and bars to name.

It's been covered with mud, blood, sweat, booze, dirt, rain, snow, puke and faded..... It was with me when I rode with friends and by myself. So here's to you old friend....

Out with the old and in with the new.... here's to the past and celebrating the years to come with weasel brothers and sisters, new rides, new friends and more whiskey!

Fuk, I need a beer!

WFFW ... Rabbit

Lincoln City NOMAD Weaselette Birthday Party

Winter Weasel Wednesday Ride to the BFC
WEASEL NOMAD 23rd Annual
"End of Summer Run, BBQ & Poker Party"
October 22nd 2011 Sacramento CA.
Weasel Cam Video
Weasel Cam Video